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What is Meditation?

Meditation is to stop or leave the things that you are doing for example if you are speaking than stop it, if you are thinking then stop it. It’s a different approach means something to do with your mind. It’s an approach to training the mind. If you learn this technique then you are the master of your mind and your Life becomes much better with this art.

Types of Meditation

1. Formless or Thoughtless Meditation
2. Meditating on a Form or Thought

1. Formless or Thoughtless Meditation: It is the highest form of meditation because if you are meditating on the formless, your mind is looking at itself which is the ultimate state to be in. It’s the state immerging in the ocean. If you are meditating on thoughtlessness then you lose your individual “I” ness. There is nothing left. The individual existence which forms part of ego you lose it. It requires great alertness.

2. Meditating on a Form or Thought: It is the first stage of meditation. If you are meditating on form, sound or an object then the only real way to know that you are meditating correctly is to be holding that form, sound or object in front of your inner eye. If that loses its sharpness then you know you are not doing it correctly that your mind has gone off to some other train of thought. In the beginning, it’s better to spend some time on the form and the shifting to formless. If you see an archer, in the beginning, he shoots at still objects and once he proficient at that task then he starts aiming at moving objects, for example, moving birds.

Benefits of Meditation:

The mind becomes relax and fresh with meditation. It brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state that boosts up healing. It makes you aware – that your inner attitude determines your happiness. Meditating for just 8 weeks increases brain sizes in three beneficial areas. With regular practice of meditation:

1. Reduce bad emotions such as stress, depression, and anxiety.
2. It helps overcome bad habits
3. It increases your ability to concentrate and focus.
4. It Extremely healthy and decrease the chances of heart disease
5. It makes you happier. Meditation practice produced positive emotions.
6. Increase social connections and a sense of belonging
7. It improve our ability to multi-task
8. Reduces Blood pressure
9. We are more compassionate
10. It increases Wisdom

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