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How Exercise Impacts Dental Health and How to Keep Teeth Safe

We all know that exercise is good for maintaining our overall health. But, do you know that exercise can negatively affect your teeth? According to the report of the Scandinavian Journal of Medical Science and Sports, most of the athletes are at high risk of having bad mouth health and dental problems. Exercise can actually offer numerous health benefits. But sadly. It will not help you in keeping your mouth health in order.

How does exercise Impacts your Dental Health?

  • Consuming sugary items

To stay hydrated, people who do a lot of exercises consume sugary drinks and sugary energy bars. This leads to cavities in their mouth.

  • Dry mouth

Excessive exercise changes the composition of the mouth saliva. It has been seen that the PH balance is not maintained in the mouth. Also due to the less produce if saliva, you can have dry mouth, which dental issues. You can get gum problem as the saliva is not present in the mouth. The bacteria is not washing out from the mouth due to less saliva. Thus, people who exercise can experience sticky mouth, bad breath, and gum problems.

  • Consuming less water

Exercise makes the body dehydrated. If you exercise a lot, you should drink enough water to remain hydrated. This will also help you to maintain mouth health.

  • Breathing through mouth

Mouth breathing plays an important role in exercise. But, practicing mouth breathing can be bad for your mouth health. It reduces mouth saliva and makes the mouth dry. The mouth bacteria can easily spread in the mouth due to lack of saliva in the mouth. Thus, you shouldn’t practice mouth breathing much as it can be fatal for your dental health.

How can you avoid dental issues while exercising?

Despite the negative impact on mouth health, exercising is very beneficial for your overall health. It helps you to stay fit and in shape. You can avoid many other health issues by doing exercise regularly.

However, you can avoid dental issues while exercising

How? Here you go;

1. Consider alternative drinks instead of sugary drinks

You should consider other ways of remaining hydrated instead of drinking those sugary things.

For example.

2. Drink coconut water

If you want to get good mouth health, then drink coconut water instead of sugary fruit juice. It has also anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to stay cool. You can also consider other drinks with no additives.

However, you also find alternatives of a chocolate bar or other sugary items that you intake while exercising. Otherwise, your mouth health can deteriorate.

3. Practice nose breathing

You should try practicing the nose breathing instead of mouth breathing. Remember nasal breathing has many benefits to health. It will help you to boost your mental health as well. In yoga, nasal breathing is a must. Thus, try to practice nasal breathing to avoid dry mouth.

4. Follow good dental hygiene

You may have to get up early for jogging. But, that doesn’t mean you can avoid brushing. Or, have to brush your teeth before going to bed. No matter how early you feel asleep due you the tiring exercising schedule. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day followed by flossing and rinsing.

5. Consider dental checkup

To maintain dental health properly, you should visit your dentist from time to time. If you have tartar or cavity in your gum line, your dentist can do a professional cleaning, which helps to maintain teeth clean. You can even get the best dental treatment in Kolkata. So, don’t worry. Fix a dental checkup and ensure your good dental health.

6. Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum can help to produce mouth saliva. You will not get dry mouth problem if you chew gum for a certain time every day.

7. Drink a lot of water

Remember, drinking enough water can help you to avoid 50% of dental issues, especially when you are exercising a lot. Talk to your doctor to know how many liters of water you should drink.

8. Don’t overlook the dental issues

You shouldn’t avoid small dental issues if occurs. Once you started getting dental issues, rush to your dentist for a checkup. You will get the required assistance from your dentist.

9. Consider your dentist opinion

You can also talk to your dentist about your scheduled exercises and the health drinks that are prescribed. Your dentist can help you to avoid the more harmful exercise that can affect your dental health vigorously. The dentist can also help you in choosing the right drinks that you can intake while exercising.

Lastly, it is not true that every exercise creates dental issues. It has been seen that athletes who exercise a lot have dental issues. So, your regular workout may not harm your dental health. If you have some exercise that requires mouth breathing, then you should visit your dentist to talk about the mouth-breathing practice to get the right solution. So, before consulting with a professional, don’t stop following your regular routine.

Myself Harjinder Singh. I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of Fit and Meditation including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality.

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Myself Harjinder Singh. I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of Fit and Meditation including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality.

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