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Meditation cushion

Meditation Cushion- Key to Comfort

Meditation Cushion is an extraordinary cushion designed to give extra support to your body which helps to release the body pain and ease your body for long comfortable meditation sessions. They are available in an exceedingly kind of shapes, sizes, and colors and are made with many alternative materials. It’s important to require the time to give some thought to each of the designs and the way they’ll best fit your personal needs. The color of the cushion might not be too important, though the general public hunt for a color that may fit with the color scheme of their meditation space.

One of the main uses of the meditation pillow is that it aids for comfort and gives proper alignment during the process of meditation. Meditation cushions are traditionally called Zafu which in translation is – za means sitting or “sit” and fu means cushion,  so it compiles to sitting cushions that support. They are filled with Buckwheat Hulls, wool, cotton fiber polyester which retains the ability for many years and also provides a balance of firmness and flexible support to your body which relieves stress on your joints and spine during meditation. A meditation pillow aims to raise your pelvis so your hips are raised above your knees. This helps in proper blood flow to your legs and feet so that you can sit and have your breathing process for a long time with high energy flow.


As cushion is used for resting your body and for proper blood circulation during meditation, it has become the most preferable choice for meditators this age. The following are the best meditation cushion that you can find at our site Yogashq.com.

Zafu cushion

Square sitting pillows are rectangular in shape and larger in size that is used for supporting knees. As we have various sitting procedures in the meditation process like crossed-legs posture, lotus posture, resting your knees, or just relaxing posture, your body feels calm without any distraction. You can use this zabuton for your straight pelvis workout for your better blood circulation.

Zafu cushion

Zafu and Zabuton are circular in shape and bulkier in size. Usually, a Zafu is placed on the top of a Zabuton so that your pelvis is truly elevated and your knees are under rest.

What does the color of your cushion say?

Did you know? Even the basic colors of your cushion can  influence your energy in many ways:

Red – Red is linked with fire energy which helps you to elevate your energy.

Violet -Violet helps you to restore balance It also includes purple and plum color.

Yellow – Yellow is the color of happiness filled with enlightenment and creativity.

Blue – Color that helps you to calm and relax

Black – Black brings on deep inward focus and discipline.

Orange -Orange is known for its enthusiasm and warmth that heals us physically and mentally.

Green – It is a color of nature that creates balance and calmness with deep breathing.

Choose your favored color of cushion that personifies you with your quality. Even a basic color can add such an insightful meaning to your daily life.


1. Increase your comfort- 

Meditation cushion lifts your hips and allows them to roll slightly forward, supporting the natural curve of your low back. Once your spine is aligned, the rest of your body follows naturally. It takes time for you to get adjusted but once you are comfortable using the cushion, it will magically take away all your pain and give your body mere pleasure while meditating. A comfortable meditation seat will motivate you to meditate consistently.

2. Improve your Body posture-

The meditation pillow tilts your pelvis which results in opening up your hips. This indeed helps your spine remain erect and in shape. It relaxes your body due to which your posture is upright and comfortable. Practice it daily and people around you will see changes in your posture which will build your confidence.

3. Helps in reducing pain and discomfort ness-

Say goodbye to back pains. By using meditation seat the natural curvature in your spine reoccurs which prevents your body from slouching and paining. It also relieves your tension on certain parts of your back and reduces the straining of certain muscles.

4. It helps in practicing different position easily-

You can practice different meditation positions by using a yoga cushion. From beginners to full lotus positions everything is possible in a much more convenient and comfortable way.

5. Aids in proper alignment

During a sitting meditation in either the total or half-lotus posture, an essential firm foundation is required. The spine should be straight and erect with the lower back curved in and the upper back curved out slightly. This alignment naturally supports your body, allows for the best comfort, and reduces stress on the spinal components. within the lotus posture, these  Zafu cushion aids for better practice.


  1. Back stability-  Having a cushion under your hips will give your body extra support which will help your spine stay straight and erect. So it’s very important to select a cushion that will help you increase your back stability. If the quality of the cushion is not good or if it is not used in the right way then it can cause you some severe pain.

2.Height of the cushion- The standard size of the cushion is 13cm. Most of the people prefer using this size to support their cross-legged posture. Cushion height is correlated to your physical height and practice. The taller you are, the higher the cushion you would require. If you are a beginner you are preferred to use a higher cushion and when you are used to it you need to lower the height of the cushion.

At Yogashq you can find various and vibrant varieties of yoga cushion at affordable prices. Get your hands now on amazing products in your budget.

Myself Harjinder Singh. I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of Fit and Meditation including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality.

About Harjinder Singh

Myself Harjinder Singh. I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of Fit and Meditation including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality.

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