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10 Powerful Stress Relief Activities you should try at home


Stress-The common word that has been experienced in day-to-day life. It affects both the mental and physical health. Stress at some point may be positive and produce positive effects but it may not be at all times. Are you the one who is looking for an effective solution to relieve your stress in your busy schedule? Here are the 10 ...

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The role of Prayer and Spirituality in Health Care?


What is spirituality and Prayer? Prayer is the greatest richness that can happen to a human being. It is simply against all kind of poverty. When we are in tune with our self, nature, God, we are being spiritual. It is the concern with inner peace, happiness, forgiveness, love and patience. Spirituality role in Health Care No one really knows ...

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6 Things I have learned from Meditation


Do you want to be the best version of you?  It’s only possible with self-knowledge. Seriously, it is an energetic thing that gives you mental peace and strength. Our mind constantly chatters day and night. It produces thought after thought and these thoughts consume our energy. It’s just a monkey mind. With meditation, you can improve this thing and learn ...

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