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When We can Meditate and How to start?

I am on a mission as many people as possible in the world to start 15-minute meditation a day. We live in the incredibly busy world. We always are doing something. Our mind is a very valuable source through which we rely upon to experience every single moment of our life. The sad fact is that we are so distracted and no longer present in the world in which we live. We miss out on the things that are so important to us.  But 15 minutes, a daily meditation practice can counteract stress and bring you many powerful benefits.


    Where and how we can meditate:  We can meditate anywhere any time even three second, two second while you are walking while you are having coffee and tea. Many people have little bit misunderstanding about meditation. They think it means ‘Think of nothing’ concentrate! We cannot block thoughts and emotions in fact, we need thoughts and emotions. Whether you listen you monkey mind or not. That’s the issue. ‘Monkey mind means’ mind is chattering blaa blaa blaa.  Monkey mind is giving you an opinion. So whether you listen that opinion or not it’s up to you! With the meditation what we do is to make friends with monkey mind. Just giving banana does not work. Right method is you have to give job to your mind. Now the question is how!! Just breathe in and out there’s a lot of thought’s coming in the background don’t care no problem. As long as you don’t forget your breath anything is OK. No need too much concentration just simply be aware of your breath. Focus on in and out. So therefore we can meditate anywhere anytime.


Meditation is Completely Natural: Happiness is like contentment and joy which is coming from within not from the outer world. It’s the real meaning of happiness. So what you need to do is recognize awareness. Awareness understands what you are doing now with complete focus. Awareness is completely transparent. It’s like space. The second important point is maintaining that recognition. We need something for support means use your breath. Thoughts will come and go it does not matter but if you forget your breathing and lost then it’s not good.

What benefits have you gained from 15 minutes meditation? Share your precious thoughts in the comments section.

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