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About Us

Myself Harjinder Singh. (I’m now on my 29th). I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of fit and meditation  including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality. Focus on problem-solving content to motivate and help you make decisions during your stressful times.

I am not a spiritual Expert/Master.  I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned to motivate people to grow, live young and well, be happy and free minded. I help you learn how to let go.

I understand that you are frustrated by too much information, too many conflicting ideas, and non-stop empty promises. I make sure you don’t stress the details and have solutions that suits your needs.

I truly hope you enjoy my blogs and we can learn, grow together, and eventually live healthy, happy and stress-free life.

I would love to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Let’s connect! I also welcome your questions & comments at [email protected]

My mission is to bring meditation and personal growth to all human beings on this planet.

Thank you for your interest in meditation!

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