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The Magic of Indulging in a Thai Massage

Magical Thai Massage: Why Indulge in the Enchanting Thai Massage?

The gorgeous Southeast Asian country of Thailand is a popular holiday destination for people all over the world. Some visit the country for its beaches, others for its food, while there are others whose main purpose is to enjoy its vibrant nightlife. However, one thing that everyone swears by is the Thai massage. In fact, some people visit Thailand solely for its awesome Thai massage. The best thing about Thai massage is that it is not only relaxing but also therapeutic.

What is Thai Massage?

A Thai massage is a holistic therapy that offers several health benefits. It has been derived from the wisdom of Ayurveda, some 2500 to 7000 years ago. Thai massage is believed to be a part of the Buddhist traditions. Hence, it has a holistic approach, which focuses on both healing and relaxation. By focusing on the pressure points, blockages and muscles of the body, the Thai massageoffers a positive effect on the internal organs as well.

Magic of Thai Massage: Benefits

The benefits of getting a Thai massage are innumerable. Here are some of the things that you would enjoy while indulging in a Thai massage.

  • Thai massages have the ability to get rid of acute pain. Regular massages for three weeks can significantly reduce the intensity of pain as well as muscle tension.
  • The massage improves blood circulation, thus enhancing energy flow to the numerous internal organs.
  • People who suffer from chronic headaches can find relief with regular Thai massages. By stimulating the blood flow, the masseuse helps in calming down the nervous system, thus relieving you from headaches.
  • Of course, last but not the least is that it helps in reducing the stress levels of the body. The touch of an experienced masseuse would instantly calm and relax your body.

Types of Thai Massages

Before you get a Thailand visa and book your Thai massage, it is important to know the different types of Thai massages available in the country. This will help you to select the one that is best for you.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage: If relaxation is your main aim, the traditional Thai massage (full body massage) would be perfect for you. This involves a combination of various therapeutic techniques, where the masseuse would focus on your pressure or energy points and stretching your muscles. This would help to reduce hard physical strains, thus refreshing and rejuvenating your body. Apart from stimulating blood flow, the traditional Thai massage also provides flexible joints and rejuvenation.

Thai Reflexology: If you are not comfortable with a full body massage but want to experience the Thai massage, this would be a great option for you. Thai reflexology focuses only on the feet and palms. However, a 30-40 minutes massage of your palms and feet would have a relaxing and rejuvenating effect on your entire body. The masseuse knows the exact pressure points to focus on that would increase blood circulation, boost internal organs and enhance the immune system. This type of massage helps in curing several health problems and has positive effects on the entire body.

Warm Herb Massage: This type of massage is a nice twist to the traditional Thai massage. The masseuse makes use of warm herbs while massaging the various parts of the body. The combination of aromas and warm touch on the body relaxes and at the same time detoxifies the body. Another benefit of this massage is that it helps in getting rid of muscle and joint pain. A favourite among sportspersons, the warm herb Thai massage relieves tensions not only from the muscles but also from every tissue of your body.

Thai Oil Massage: Surely, one of the best Thai massages is the oil massage where the masseuse uses a combination of different aromatic oils. This not only helps to enhance blood flow but also to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Different types of oils are used for different purposes. You can explain your requirements to the masseuse who would help you choose the right oil for you. While the massage is therapeutic, it also removes body fatigue and brings in a new freshness to your body and mind.

Special Thai Massage for Women: The special Thai massage for women involves using warm herbs and oils on the head, face, shoulders, neck, back and cleavage. It offers a variety of benefits, some of which include skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and body relaxation. It is also the perfect massage to get rid of headaches and migraines. The combinations of this massage leads to more agility, flexibility and softer skin as well.


So you see, with so many health benefits, Thai massages are something that you should definitely try when in the country. The best thing is that you would find several massage parlours and spas in almost every city of Thailand. For more information and images on Thailand, you can check the picture gallery.

Myself Harjinder Singh. I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of Fit and Meditation including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality.

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Myself Harjinder Singh. I cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of Fit and Meditation including health and fitness, meditation and spirituality.

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