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What is Spiritual Growth and How Does it Work

Spiritual growth is changing your life or direction to align with your higher purpose.

When operating from a higher perspective, we begin to understand that we can create our existence. It’s as simple as taking back the power that rightfully belongs to you. Harness your energy.
Spiritual growth requires work and diligence.

Taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the conductor of your own life have positive benefits. This sense of responsibility directs you to your untapped power and potential. By gaining control of your life and surroundings, you’re able to change the world around you.

So often, we get caught up in our environment or the opinions of people around us. It’s fine to take others’ opinions and advice into consideration, but ultimately, we choose our life path. Once that unwanted energy is cleared and you begin to call your energy back to you, the world is your limit!

Tapping into our spiritual abilities is powerful. The foundation of this power rests on a belief in yourself. Having faith that you’re in control and will navigate through life as honestly as possible sets a positive tone. Never fear, though – your spiritual community will always guide you through difficult challenges if you allow it.

Spiritual growth is not only gaining a newly found sense of control in your life path but also understanding your own beliefs on a deeper level. You begin to comprehend your underlying fears, insecurities, undesirable behaviors, and patterns that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

All of your subsurface tendencies and ideals influence your conscious life decisions. Spiritual growth helps you create the life that you’re destined to have. You can have positive experiences and relationships if you choose to take a leap of faith.

Growing can be scary because it is delving into the unknown. Our brains are wired to push toward familiar situations and scenarios but stepping out of your comfort zone will increase the likelihood for spiritual change to occur.

Spiritual growth gives you the ability to prosper in your personal life and career goals. Remember, when you grow spiritually, you expand in all aspects of your life! Spiritual growth relates to positive advancement in your personal life.

Embrace your truth and understand that discovering self-awareness is a journey. It happens gradually, in stages. No positive change happens overnight! Give yourself time to learn and grow. Partake in activities and experiences that expand your knowledge.

Learn who you are and what you require to grow. Certain people simply require inner reflection to move toward the next stage in their lives. Other individuals have subconscious habits and patterns that require practice to break. This is a time where you can dive into new projects that you find motivating or set intentions and goals for the future.
Say Yes to Your Intuitive Ideas and Achieve Spiritual Growth
Recognize that following your intuitive ideas starts with stepping out of your comfort zone. Staying at a consistent level of ease is not always the best route to take to grow spiritually. Feeling peace and calm is the end goal for many individuals. Others find themselves drawn to high stake situations that are thrilling.

The key is to follow your intuition and gut feelings. The life you’re drawn to will bring you the most happiness. Map out your growth and comfort levels to match your future.

If you want a different career, take the steps to push outside of your comfort zone. Attend network meetings or social gatherings to make connections. Apply for your dream job. Even if you are met with a few consistent losses – don’t be discouraged! Failing a couple of times on the way to reaching your goal is much better than letting fear take the wheel. You are in control of your own life and you can change.

Intuitive ideas are immediate feelings or bodily sensations when entering a specific situation or going through a novel experience. Your intuition gives you a solution without prior knowledge of the answer or circumstances. Trust in your inner emotions to perceive the nuances of the environment around you. Your intuition guides you toward a decision that is in line with your higher path.

Intuition is like having a 6th sense that helps you comprehend the full extent of situations. You have key insight into what is the best choice for you. It’s important to note that intuitions are inner thoughts and feelings bubbling to the surface. They are our true, unbiased emotions. Because of purity, your intuition is a great indicator of the unconscious or hidden aspects of an event.

Your inner feelings need guidance. Once you have a grasp on recognizing your intuition and how to trust it, apply an intention. Intuitive insight has no direction. So, manifest and harness the energy that leads your life in a positive direction. Your intuition will transform into meaningful and prosperous outcomes.

Several individuals ignore their intuitive ideas. When doubt is applied to an aspect of your life, negativity takes control. You’re stuck in a spiral of uncertainty with no logical meaning. Unfortunately, this can become cyclical. Once you feel negative about your believing in yourself and your intuition, spiritual growth in multiple areas of your life is hindered.

It is important to have faith in your intuition. Consistently practice it. Partake in activities where you have to rely on inner feelings and thoughts. There are a variety of meditation practices that require visualization and trusting your intuition. Build these into an everyday routine to achieve success in your spiritual growth.

Your intuition is always in the best interest of your highest self. Learn what it feels like to trust in your intuition.
Clearing Your Mind
A positive step towards cultivating your intuition for spiritual growth is clearing your mind. The environment around you and your life, in general, is full of noise. Try to quiet this loudness by taking time to implement peaceful time by yourself.

Focus on your inner thoughts. What is the voice inside your mind telling you? What does the current state of your feelings reveal?

Often, our minds are preoccupied with action. We’re always thinking ahead, about deadlines at work, or school, relationships, even situations out of control often occupy space in our minds.

Attempt to mentally take a break from the deadlines and due dates. Shut off the TV. Step away from social media and grab a book or go for a walk. Stimulating our minds with organic positivity without bias or outside influence is a great way to further our spiritual growth.

Spending time in nature helps you reconnect with the simple aspects of life. We tend to overlook minute elements, but they sometimes make us the happiest. Tune in to what makes you happy and helps you tap into your intuition.
Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises create a clear mind. You can quiet your mind with regular meditations – even just a 10-minute meditation.

This will give you room to listen to your intuition. Your spirit will guide you to hear and respond to your intuitive thoughts and ideas. When you are irritable or agitated, it gets in your way of making clear decisions.

Meditation helps you to absorb what is happening around you and reach your success faster. It helps to clear your mind and get focused and access your intuitive abilities.

Listen to your body’s energy while meditating – it will provide insight for spiritual growth.
Being Yourself and Finding Your Balance for Spiritual Growth
Do you find yourself coming up with excuses for not starting something? When that happens, remember it is your responsibility to take action and give your life direction.
Finding life balance is the ultimate goal for your spiritual growth and your soul searching. It is time to let go of the old habits and old you. Embrace the good and who you want to be. A new life and a new beginning are in the works.

Find your equilibrium by being self-aware, mindful, eating a proper diet, and having time to meditate.

The transformation begins when you are mindful and self-aware. This way, you can tap into your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It is the beginning of your transformation and a place for healing to begin. Through prayer and meditation, you can find your center and inner peace.
Answering your Soul’s Calling for Spiritual Growth

Your soul’s calling is divine – follow your guide to answer your soul’s calling.

If you trust your desires and answer to that inner calling, your life will be more abundant than you can imagine. This is because you already know what you are yearning for deep down within you. Thus, whatever your soul is calling you to is already what you want. You do not need permission to say ‘Yes’ to the calling.

The soul’s calling and spiritual growth go hand in hand. As you connect with your spiritual growth, you connect with your higher self, your spirit, or your soul. You make the spiritual being that is God present to your soul’s calling.

The road to spiritual growth is to surrender to the universe with the understanding that you can do anything. The spiritual path is letting go–leaving aside all that is not possible and replacing it with a deeper awareness of self.

You can learn to do this by knowing your intentions, setting them high, and reinforcing them.

Have Fun, Celebrate, Do Not Be Serious in Your Spiritual Growth
There is powerful energy during the full moon clearing and activation. It gives a great way to celebrate the phase. Your energy is powered up – so, dance it off. The whole idea is to get your body to release energy.

The full moon clearing is a reminder to let go of your past. Fun is a critical ingredient to manifesting your soul’s calling.

Fun is a direction of lightness and expansiveness. As your mood gets brighter, your ideas flourish. This helps you to absorb your inspiration and motivation to achieve bigger visions. Lightness brings attractive energy and innovation to your life.

Believe it or not – having fun increases your spiritual growth and abilities! Focus on the positive aspects of life. Get silly, take a break, relax, and have fun.
Divine Energy – Feminine and Masculine
Two universal energies reside in all humans. Both feminine and masculine energy help people reach their goals, harness their spiritual abilities, and recognize their soul purpose.

A culmination of feminine and masculine energy is necessary to find inner peace and achieve spiritual growth.

Distorted imbalanced divine masculine energy can lead to seriousness, stress, and burnout.

This can slow down your spiritual journey. In an exalted state of the divine feminine, you gain expansive, creative ideas.
Sugar Light: Own Your divine Power
Divine power is setting yourself free from attachments and expectations. Freeing yourself of how you think things ought to be. It is minimizing your ego and letting yourself listen to the inner voice and wisdom.

Owning your divine power means adapting new things and making changes. Facing the uncertainties of life with faith and serving others as the spirit leads you.

Divine energy clears fears and beliefs. This way, you create space to embrace your higher self, body, and mind. It allows you to be in control of your intuition and spiritual alignment.
Steps to Conscious Creation – Divine energy
You can anchor your divine manifestations and attract positive energy into your life. This helps you to create a life of your choice, your vision, and the path you want to take in your life. You capture this by the activation of the new moon and card readings.

So how can you harness the law of attraction? Conscious creation is equal to the law of attraction.

When you comprehend how to ‘consciously create’ you attract things to yourself. You make them manifest into your reality. There are ways for conscious creation. The first step is to clear space to make room to receive.

You have to let go of the negatives and seek clarity of what you desire. Read further for the next beneficial steps to conscious creation.

• Become an active participant in your own life
• Create an objective, goal, or vision.
• Take steps to achieve alignment
• Elevate your vibration by embracing the positivity and prosperity in your life.
• Practice enhancing your intuition

Crystals – Heightened Intuition and Spiritual Growth
You can enhance your intuition through psychic abilities of all kinds, claircognizant or clairvoyance among others. Crystals vibrate to the frequencies and release any blockages from the body. They are powerful and magical and assist in expanding your intuitions.

During the full moon, it is the ultimate moment to engage intuition. The new moon is also powerful for your divinations and to use psychic abilities like clairvoyance. It is imperative to be aware of the signs and symbols present in your life during this period. You may start seeing certain signs or numbers as signs from the universe.

The crystals below support you to attract these energetic shifts.

• Amethyst – helps you comprehend intuitive messages and is a protective charm
• Labradorite – promotes intuition, insight, and visions
• Moonstone – is wonderful to bring balance and to support embodying your divine feminine energy, as well as, promotes your intuition.
• Selenite – helps you to ground and clear your energy and release blockages which raises your vibration. You can also use this stone to clear and amplify your other crystals by placing them upon it overnight.

Final Thoughts
The full moon is a powerful energy that can help you in working with the universal energy as a way to heal the past and align to your highest path while on your spiritual journey. Take responsibility for your actions, words, and goals, and watch your dreams manifest into your reality.

During the full moon, there is a great presence of energy. It’s a powerful way to receive new, flourishing, abundant energy. In turn, you must clear out any old, negative energy. The energy that is no longer needed holds you back from developing your future.

Harness the potent, positive energy from the moon to begin new projects and set intentions. Ensure that you are releasing the past, especially the parts that no longer serve you. Once you release it, it’s time to celebrate! Have fun with this newfound abundance of energy.



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